I am a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I caught the photo bug early on, mid way through high school in fact. I began dabbling with my first camera, a very simple point and shoot that surprised me with the quality of pictures it would take.

From the get go, I found I experienced an almost child-like delight in capturing images. Photographs are much like a witness to a moment in time.   At their best, they can capture the mood, the feeling and the texture of our lives. In editing photos, I found I could create everything from subtle to dramatic changes in these images and their impacts.

In my current work, I have been focusing on photo composites. In my composites, I try to synthesize new realities and surreal images. I use these images to tell stories for which pictures are the best way to reach the viewer.

I’ve also been drawn to nature, broadly defined, everything from landscapes and wildlife. I’ve found that pictures can create close ups of nature, putting wild things seemingly as close as our fingertips.

My photos have been displayed in Toronto City Hall, Queen’s Quay Terminal, and mounted as signpost art in an exhibition on Queen’s Quay and Bay Street in Toronto. I have had photos published in Now Magazine, Lake Superior Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The CBC and The Toronto Star. My work has appeared in group exhibitions. I have been awarded grants by the Ontario Arts Council for materials for visual arts and exhibition assistance.